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Your Own Online Shop

If you are serious about selling online or if your are already selling on eBay or other sites you could do worse than having your own online shop. In the past, for many people it has been too difficult to open and operate an online business. Today,with the right system, it does not have to be complicated. Most successful online businesses use very simple methods to promote and sell their own products or products from a dropship or wholesale supplier. The online shop system shown below is one of those successful systems. Take the time to read the information below or go straight to SaleHoo Stores to see this amazing online shop offer.


SaleHoo is now offering an affordable online shop system for resellers/retailers which also includes access to their dropship and wholesaler directory and ecommerce research tools.


Top Shop Features Include:

  • No additional setup fees or transaction fees. Everything is included with no hidden charges.

  • Flat rate charge based on traffic and storage only. You choose the package that best suits you today and upgrade when you need to.

  • No coding required or web design experience needed. You don't have to be a web genius to manage your online business and you don't need to deal with webmasters who haven't got the time to help you when you need it.

  • Built in Email capture capability to build your list of customers and email market to them for repeat sales. All successful online businesses bring their existing customers back to buy more.

  • Paypal integrated checkout so you can use Australia's most trusted payment gateway. You don't need to go through the hassle of setting up secure certificates, dedicated hosting or merchant accounts with your bank.

  • Easily accept different currencies or set your store up for different currencies. Don't restrict yourself to the local market. Take your products worldwide.

  • No extra software required. You get everything you need to get your business up and running.

  • Hosting provided for you. Just the price of the shop subscription could be what you pay for hosting at other places.

  • Use your own clean, crisp URL. Yes you can use your own website address. No funny addresses like http://higgledypiggledyshop.someoneeslessite.com. You send people to www.yourwebaddress.com. Web address are available at www.australiandomainname.net and if you are not sure what address you should use you can research using Name Boy Domain Generator  or Traffic Travis which also helps you get your site into the search engines.

  • Automatic site backups so in the unlikely event something happens to your site you don't have to do all the work again.

  • Integrated reporting and analytics to keep track of your traffic, sales and how you can improve your site.

  • Search Engine Optimized pages and auto generated sitemaps. This is very important to the success of every online business. If you cannot be found in the search engines by your potential customers you may as well not be in business.

  • Built-in discount coupon capability and banner display. Offer your customers special discounts offers and display your product banners.

  • Can upgrade plans as you grow. You don't need to jump in at the deep end. Only subscribe to the size shop that you need at the moment.

  •   A team of experienced server administrators keep an eye on your shop 24 hours a day, ensuring your online business is up and running at all times. You can sleep easy and don't need to worry about your business disappearing while customers are banging on the door.

  • And a whole lot more.

If you like what you have read so far go over to SaleHoo Stores for more detailed information. Want to know more? Read a list of the benfits of opening your onlie business using this system below.

Key Benefits

  • Step by step walkthroughs. You get full guidance and support when you are setting up your online business and you can always refer back to these walkthroughs if you forget how to do something.

  • Anyone can do this, no matter how inexperience. You don't have to be a web genius to get up and running and managing your business.

  • Can be set up FAST. No waiting around for webmasters to find time to create your site.

  • Easy to set up. You get all the information you need to get set up and online with your products.

  • Easy to customize. You decide how you want your site to look and feel for your customers.

  • Professional design. Sites are designed by people who know about online business.

  • Doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Yes, you can keep them all! Go and get some quotes to set up an online ecommerce site and you will be back here very soon to use this online shop system.

  • Attractive landing pages that convert visitors to customers. If you have hundreds of visitors on your site and they don't convert to buyers you might as well not be in the online business.

  • Freedom to create you own brand image. You make the choice of how people remember your business. Branding makes a huge difference to successful ongoing sales.

  • Move away from cut-throat competition. Don't spend your hard earned money on sites that cost too much and don't work for you.

  • Jump ahead of the majority of your competition. These sites are designed to rank in the search engines and get traffic. A lot of other sites do not include the features to attract customers.

  • Site can be built as large as you like and you can upgrade at any time. Only bite off what you need to chew. Don't choke on the Premium Package if all you need is the Basic Package.

  • Automatic image resizing keeps page-load times fast. No image editing required. The shop system takes care of all that for you and keeps your site runni9ng fast so your customers don't have to wait.

  • Proven layouts that sell - no need to mess around getting it right because all the hard work has been done for you. Just step in and start loading your products for sale.

  • Comes with access to the SaleHoo directory free , giving access to over 8,000 verified legitimate wholesale and dropship suppliers.


For free video training sessions and more information about SaleHoo Stores click here .





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