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You have probably heard of SaleHoo by now (if you haven't, they are one of the biggest online wholesale supplier directories in the world).

Early in 2011, the SaleHoo team released a new product called 'SaleHoo Stores'. This is a platform that allows you to set up and manage your own eCommerce website/online shop without having to pay the large fees in advance charged by some web development companies. You also do not need website design or programming skills to use SaleHoo Stores - it really is a 'point and click' experience and you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

There are a wide range of attractive designs and themes you can use for your online shop. All of them have been professionally designed with the intention of increasing your sales and improving your customer's experience (very important if you want them to come back and buy more from you).

SaleHoo Stores are also highly-optimized for search engine ranking meaning you could be ranked right up there on page 1 of the major search engines for your products. This means more traffic which means more sales for your business.

You also get secure payment processing facilities and reliable website hosting included with your SaleHoo Store. No need for expensive merchant facilities that often have monthly subscription fees, whether you make any sales or not.

You also get access to the Salehoo Dropship Supplier and Wholesale Directory .

An ecommerce store for as little as $27 per month. That works out at less than a dollar a day to build and maintain your very own eCommerce site (and most of the hard work is done for you).

Of course if you aren't happy with your SaleHoo Store, you can cancel at any time; there are no obligations to continue.

Secure your SaleHoo Store by clicking here .



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