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When you are looking for dropship suppliers and wholesalers to supply your business you will find that a plethora of lists and directories are available, so many that you may become confused about which are legitimate and which are not.

Through our years of online research we have provided a brief description of what we have found to be legitimate sites that provide information about suppliers, education and tools relating to the dropship business model. We believe these sites will be valuable for your business whether it is existing or you are just starting out.

The Dropship Australia Directory is available when you have registered and logged in. The providers listed below are external sites to our own so although we have reviewed each one we do not control the content of those site.

We will add valuable resources to this page in the future so please bookmark this page or come back often to see updates. Members of Dropship Australia receive a newsletter when we add more content and suppliers to this site. If you have not already registered as a member of Dropship Australia you can register here .

SaleHoo - Suppliers, eCommerce and Research Tools

Salehoo are an award winning New Zealand based business with resources in Australia, the USA and Asia. Since 2005 they have been providing access to dropship and wholesale suppliers through their online directory. As their business grew they expanded into educating in the areas of eBay sales, providing product research tools and an easy to use but very functional eCommerce system to be used by both novice and advanced users.

Salehoo Supplier Directory

The Salehoo supplier directory is constantly updated, easy to search and allows the user to find a supplier and add them to a 'Favourites' list for future reference. The supplier directory is also integrated with the 'Research Labs' tool (see below) so as you research eBay to find your product niche you will also be presented with a list of suppliers who can provide the products for you business.

Salehoo Education

It doesn't matter if you are already selling succefully online or just starting out, you need to learn from others who have had success. We found the education provided by Salehoo is not confined to eBay sales but provides information about a wide range of topics including setting up your business, importing and finding product niches.

Salehoo Research Labs

Salehoo also provide a unique and easy to use online research tool called 'Research Labs' . Using your own keywords use this to find product niches BEFORE you start listing products. This is essential for your business because listing items on eBay or within your own online store without researching potential sales can be costly in time and funds. Research Labs also provides finds the suppliers within the Salehoo directory who can provide products for the niche you have researched.    

Salehoo eCommerce Stores

Salehoo now offers an online shop system which includes access to their dropship and wholesale directory. We have experience at building ecommerce sites and when we saw this system we were very impressed. Not only does ot provide a professional look for business but it is also easy to use for the beginner. Like all of Salehoo's products the support is an A+.

If you are already selling on eBay Salehoo stores can compliment your business by providing a place for you to send your customers for return sales, saving you the listing costs charged at eBay. You also have an online retail outlet that will receive direct traffic from the search engines (especially if you have use the Research Labs tool to find a good product niche).

In summary Salehoo Stores can prodive you with all of the tools you need to sell online with built in extras and excellent support. The price is very reasonable atas little as .88 cents per day. You don't need to be a technical genius and your store can be up and running within minutes of subscribing.

Why not try them out for yourself and let us know what you think in the forum. For more information please select below

Salehoo Directory
Salehoo Education
Salehoo Research Lab
Salehoo Stores
Salehoo Selling Tactics


World Wide Brands Dropship & Light Bulk Wholesale Directory - An extensive directory of Dropship Suppliers, Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers. Probably the most comprehensive directory with great search capabilities, resources for your business and extra bonus items and training for members.


  • If you need some advice on how to get your Internet business started the right wat you can download some FREE eBooks here
  • View some Product Sourcing Videos here .
  • Get a Free Preview of how World Wide Brands can work for you when looking for suppliers for your Internet business.

UK Dropship & Wholesale Pages -Source Dropship Suppliers in the UK and sell to the UK market.

Largest and 100% Genuine UK Dropshippers Directory
Over 15 Directories and Several Dedicated Services
Largest Directory of UK Wholesalers
Directory of American Wholesalers
Product Sourcing Directory
Exclusive Special Wholesale Offers Directory (Price Lists & Offers from Wholesalers & Dropshippers)
Unique Instant Quotes and Orders Directory (Wholesalers quote on product requirements)
Ebay Ebooks Package consisting of professional ebooks and guides about selling on eBay.
Regular updates by our dedicated research team - see the News section
Dedicated server - 100% uptime
Other resources like Car Boots, Markets & Fairs, Property & General Auctions, Wholesale Products & Brands directories & m

These are just a couple of the Dropship Directories available. As we investigate more directories and find value for your money we will post them to this page. If you know of any other dropship or wholesale directories that you would like to share with the community please contact us . We would love to hear from you.
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