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This information is included in the Dropship Australia site for members and visitors because most people come to Dropship Australia looking for ways to make extra income. If you are one of these people then I am going to introduce you to an alternative to dropshipping that will allow you to generate an income and spend less time doing it.

If you do have a desire to earn extra income or even replace your existing income it is IMPORTANT that you take the time to read the following information:


For the last 8 years I have been generating a substantial income and and spend more time doing the things I enjoy (like playing with my 5 year old twins and going for days out with the family). While I am writing this article or spending time my family I have a flow of cash being deposited to the bank or PayPal account. To share this with you will not disadvantage me in any way and I believe that every person should have the opportunity to free themselves from the traditional 9-5 working cycle (or to earn that bit of extra cash to make life easier). I know a lot of you will be doing more than the 9-5 routine too - I have in the past and know what it means to work for someone else with little reward or benefit. For this reason I would like to show you how and where you can do the same to earn an income online as I have been doing for the past 8 years.


I now consider affiliate marketing as the key way to generate an income online and MORE effective than dropshipping. In a lot of ways affiliate marketing is very similar but has several important advantages over dropshipping.

Dropshipping Requires:

  1. You need to list products for sale on auction sites or your own sites.
  2. You need to deal with customers and suppliers.
  3. You need to follow up on returns and warranty issues.

Affiliate Marketing Requires:

  1. You need to put links on classified sites, blogs, articles or on your own site
  2. The suppliers delivers the product and takes care of delivery, paperwork, warranty issues and customer support.
  3. You get commissions paid to your account for referring the buyer to the supplier.



There are now many Australian and International businesses using affiliate marketing to generate sales. This gives YOU the opportunity to profit from their sales without even walking out of your home. Here is a small sample of Australian businesses that you could refer sales to for a commission.

Bigpond - ANZ Banking - OxFam - Virgin Mobile - 3 Mobile - Mirvac Hotels & Resorts - Apple Store - Aussie Home Loans - Budget Car Rentals - Dell - Dominos Pizza - Dodo Internet - Clinique - Overstock Outlet - Qantas Holidays - QuickFlix - Ready Flowers - RSVP - Thrifty Car Rentals - WeightWatchers - AND MANY MANY MORE
If do have your own web site or you would like to own your own web site please read on.

Easy Web Site Creation & Management (even for the beginner)

If you do not already have a web site and worry that you will not know enough or have enough time to build and mange your own you will be surprised to know that today's Internet technology now allows even a novice to create and manage a web site. SiteBuild provides all of the tools, traning and trade secrets for creating, managing and being profitable with your own web site. Take the time to look at SiteBuild and get a better idea on how other people are making an income from their own websites. Click here to start


NOTE* Some, but not all of the affiliate programs below are going to require that you have a web site but if you don't, NO WORRIES! There are many ways for you to promote products other than on your own web site (although that is recommended).

SFI Marketing - This is THE MONEY MAKING CENTRE with NO website or NO technical knowledge required! It does not matter if you have never been involved with online business or if you are a professional online marketer. The SFI business has all the training, tools and personal support that you need to learn about affiliate marketing and earning an online income.

There are over 1.5 million people in the SFI business. A MUST IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING AND ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING EXTRA CASH! You can read more about this business and how I can help you at Network Home Business .

ClickBank - Merchants offer digital products and site memberships for promotion and many include marketing materials and advice. You can also add your own digital products for sale and offer commissions to affiliate marketers to refer sales to you.

Earn High Income From Your Website. Join Free !! - clixGalore Affiliate Marketing & Networks

Clixgalore with Australian and International merchants. Many pay per lead affiliates who pay commissions simply for you referring someone to fill out an application form.

LinkShare - For those of you with a website where you want to earn more income without having to stock a lot of products, Linkshare can offer you some of the Internet's top selling merchant programs for great commissions.

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