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Different Types of Dropshipping

There are Different Types of Dropshipping

Depending on your requirements there are two types of dropshipping. If you do not mind your supplier providing information about their business with items sent to your customers you may be happy for them to use 'Straight Dropshipping'. If you are creating an online business where you want to attract repeat business from your customers and you do not want your suppliers information sent with the items the preference for you will be blind dropshipping.

Straight Dropshipping

This type of dropshipping is where a supplier makes no attempt to hide their identity from your customer. Some suppliers actually use this method to promote themselves although we strongly discourage them from doing this. This type of supplier can be useful where you are selling products that you do not want to provide warranty support directly or where repeat sales are not necessarily important to you.

Resellers who use suppliers who who straight dropship must also understand that some suppliers do not want to change all of their packaging to suit this type of business. Some suppliers are going to have their own branding on their products and it may not be financially viable for them to change this and povide a dropship service.

Blind Dropshipping

With this style of dropshipping the supplier provides delivery to the reseller's customer with a delivery docket provided by the reseller. They do not provide their own details with the delivery. This is helpful when you want your customer to think they are dealing directly with you and that the product has come from your own stock. Be aware that if their are product issues or warranty issues you will be contacted by your customer directly.

different types of dropshipping

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