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Dropship Australia Site Features

The Dropship Australia site includes features for resellers, suppliers and the public. We are happy to hear from any member if they have any ideas about features which could be beneficial to the community.

NOTE: Features which are not listed below as accessible to the public will be available on the Member's Menu when you have registered and logged in.

Current Dropship Australia Features Include:

Suppliers Directory - Accessible Upon Registration. These suppliers are subscribed to Dropship Australia. Your dealings with them are in no way connected with this site. If you have issues with suppliers please try to resolve the issue with them. We would like to know if you do have problems with them as we expect them to provide a service which is acceptable to our members.

Dropship Forum - Publicly readable but you must be registered to post to a topic. The Dropship Forum must not be used for advertising purposes. If you wish to advertise on Dropship Australia please contact us or read the information about being listed as a dropship supplier or wholesaler here . You can subscribe to forum boards or add them to your RSS reader to be notified when there are updates and replies to forum posts.

Classified Section - Accessible for public viewing but you must be registered to post a classified. The Dropship Classifieds must not be used by suppliers for advertising purposes. If you wish to advertise your products or services on Dropship Australia please contact us or read the information about being listed as a dropship supplier or wholesale supplier here .

eBay Listings with NO BIDS - Public access. Find eBay items with no bids in a variety of countries.

eBay Misspelled Listings - Public access. Find eBay listings with incorrect spelling. These listings often do not get bids due to the fact that they have misspelled titles (e.g. Nokia spelt Noika).

eBay Wholesale - Publicly Accessible. See all wholesale/bulk lot listings in their categories.

Online Auction List - Publicly Accessible. A list of online auction and classified site where you might sell and buy products.

Dropship Questions - Publicly Accessible. You can see some of the common questions asked about Dropshipping. The FAQ section caters for both suppliers and resellers. If you have any questions please post them to the Dropship Forum .

Private messaging - Accessible Upon Registration. Send messages to other members (be warned! This is monitored for spamming. Members who spam will be blocked).

Connections - . Accessible Upon Registration. Connect with other members through your profile. Abuse of this system will not be tolerated. Any member found using this system for inappropriate purposes will be blocked.

Member Search - Find and connect with other members to create your own online community. This can be useful for sharing information with other resellers and suppliers.


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Wholesale Directory and Dropship Suppliers